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Cathy Heine, Photographer

Cathy has lived in Austin since she was 10 years old and has a deep and enduring love for central  Texas.  Her love of photography began even earlier when her dad, an avid photographer, gave her a Kodak Brownie Hawkeye camera for her 6th birthday.  Together they took thousands of photos through the years, documenting what they loved most:  family.

After 15 years in the legal profession as a court reporter, Cathy sold her business, Catherine Heine & Company Court Reporters, to stay home and raise her son Greyson, self-proclaimed “most photographed child on the planet.” To fuel her passion for photography, she completed courses at Austin School of Photography, as well as specialized classroom and online courses for lighting and artful composition in photography. 

In 2017 a dream came true and she began work with Photographers of Westlake.  Greyson is now a senior in high school and Cathy is thrilled to have been able to photograph students in the schools that he attended.  She loves working with the kids, preschool to senior, to help them relax in front of the camera and let their beauty shine through.